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Bakly Systems is a software company that makes enterprise management applications. We help companies get better control and monitoring over their business, and take market advantage by simplifying customer cycle all through your business stages.

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System Features

We translate your business needs and requirements into innovative smart tailored web-based system
for superior project results and ease of decision making.

Cloud Websites

Cloud Websites.

Modern Design

Modern Design.

Awesome Support

Awesome Support.

Unlock Feature

Unlock Feature.

Fully Responsive

Fully Responsive.

Demo Content

Demo Content.

Easy To Used

Monotonectally customize optimal architectures whereas leveraged metrics.

Awesome Design

Professionally monetize excellent scenarios for transparent human capital.

Easy To Customize

Rapidiously innovate revolutionary services without process-centric value.

About Our Systems/App

We provide smart solutions that will connect your business to a new level of unconditional satisfaction
based on reliability and no single point of failure.

Why Our Systems/App Is Best?

We combine creativity & technical expertise to help you achieve engineering excellence by embedding intelligence into machines and system..
We’re here to assist you whether you need help developing your company website or you need help creating an engaging & high impact online social presence.

  • Infrastructures Solutions
  • Embedded Systems Integrations
  • Building Online Presence.
  • Fully Customizable & Integrated.
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Standalones Client Relation Management System , Ordering Management System ,
Stock Management System , Business Process Management System , Tracking Management System , Payment Solutions.
ERPs Hospital Management System , Clinic Management System , School Management System .

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Diffrent packages and pricing to match your need.
Diffrent Products (CRM...

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Clinic Management Systems


Per month/ Year

  • - computer software products that
  • - coordinate and integrate all the inherent activities involved
  • - in the management and running of a healthcare facility
  • - 24/7 Tech Support
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School Management Systems


Per month /Year

  • - helping schools of all sizes streamline their operations
  • - provide a safer, more comfortable, and more functional environment for student learning
  • - 24/7 Tech Support
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Rapidiously enhance functionalized e-services after
distributed strategic theme areas.

Meet Our Team

Rapidiously enhance functionalized e-services after
distributed strategic theme areas.

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Mostafa El Bakly

Owener /Software Developer
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Hebatollah Moaz

Cowener /Software Developer
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Sally Dehis

Project Manager
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Mohamed Saleh

System Admin
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Development Team

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Support Team