Laravel Essentials

30 hours Course

Starting Sunday 25 March - Ending Sunday 22 April

Sunday - Thursday 5:30 pm - 9:30 pm

place Bakly Systems, Roushdy, Alexandria

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phone 01003864255

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All course includes hands on training.
  1. Overview: Environment stack, Request life cycle, Agile.

    we will be exploring different Environment stacks and various workstations setups, walk through the Http request life cycle and how did even occur, Set and implement the Agile discipline that will be followed through out the course

  2. Design Patterns: Eloquent ORM, MVC, Active Record.

    Discover design pattern, going through samples of them implemented in the laravel framework itself, making our first request , advancing to utilizing controller, views and models

  3. Blade Templating Engine, Migrations, Applying CRUD.

    Learning more about templating concepts and stub partials, generating various migration in an agile project manner, creating ,updating , viewing and deleting objects with its relation ( CRUD and relation CRUD)

  4. Full day workshop with design drills. [Applying Development Cycle]

    Design different applications from scratch Database and models and controllers and UI pages. Choosing an application to implement in an agile manner. using git and scrum and in a presence of a project manager.

  5. Middleware & Security: ACL, Authentication & Authorization.

    Advancing through laravel ,fulfilling most project requirement by having user login and permissions while showing different methodologies and utilizing Middleware , gates and policies. also covering common developer pitfalls in security.

  6. Laravel tools: packages, services, 3rd party tools.

    Experience using different laravel and php packages , to speed up your developement cycle with premade packages and solutions discover the way they work, get familiar with laravel service like passport and socialite and more, same for 3rd party tool like mail trap and redis and more.

  7. Package development & contribution: You will publish your own package.

    contributing to the community is easy and is not as hard as it sound, you just need to get the right training for that , this will give you a public exposure and help you ,get the hang of self learning and gain the courage to discover others developments

  8. API, vue.js.

    Implementing and API interface to our designed application , learning more about the http request and how to secure it, and create stateless log ins . Using vue.js and Angular to show more of our data in UX that is up to standards utilizing the api we created.

Note: Bring your own laptop, A system engineer will be available to help you setup your working Environment


Under graduate

About the Instructor

Hey! I'm @bakly, Software Development Engineer, Founder of Bakly Systems, and creator of Tayary.

I have previous experience with various Tycoons Like Amazon and Fawaz Alhokair. I teach everything I know, through internships and courses, Keen to push everyone to contribute to the open source community.


4 El-Shaheed Adel Mahmoud Sabry,
Roushdy, Alexandria, Egypt


phone 01003864255
phone +203 54269225


Registration payments are cash at location from 12:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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